Grow in grace in every aspect of your life

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Pet. 3:18 NAS)

The scripture above gives us a clear instruction to “grow in grace”. That clearly teaches us that we can grow in grace. We grow in grace as we see increasing manifestation of the grace of God, or His divine abilities, in our lives. It does not mean making God love us, or show us more favor. God has already bestowed abundant grace upon the believer in Christ. The dimension of grace that we grow in, is the divine ability that is operational in our daily lives. Spiritual gifting, for example, is grace. The scripture also calls the attitude of giving “grace”, and commands us to increase, or grow, in this grace also (2 Cor 8:7).

You are at a particular level of grace in your life at this instant. That level of grace determines what level of glory you will see. God wants you to grow in the grace that is upon your life. Prosperity is grace, along with divine health and healing. The anointing is grace. Godly character is grace, because it is the working of God. Abound in all grace, in every aspect of your life. You grow in grace by increasing your spiritual knowledge and faith. Knowledge takes you to the room of grace, and faith opens up that door to the treasures in it. Grow in grace.


Ponder and mutter on the scripture above. Think deeply, and just imagine your life growing in grace. Declare that “I am growing in grace in every aspect of my life”.


Take a moment to thank the Lord for making grace available to us. Ask the Spirit to help you grow in grace as you increase in your knowledge of the Lord.


Notice that “grow in grace” is a command, an instruction for us to take action. Therefore, you have to respond. That implies the level of grace at work in your life is determined by you, and not by God. God has already bestowed abundant grace on the believer. it is up to you to appropriate that grace in every part of your lives, from  your spiritual life to your finances, family, and physical health.

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