2022: A Year of Increasing Spiritually and Naturally

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (3 John 2 KJV)

As I was meditating on 2022,  the Lord put this theme in my heart: a year of increasing spiritually and naturally. Let me briefly describe the three keywords in this theme—increasing, spiritually, naturally.

To increase is to change our status in the right direction; it is improving any aspect of our lives, whether in number, amount, or intensity. For example, you are now in a specific financial state. So financial increase would mean an increase in material possessions above what you currently have. Similarly, your relationship with God is in a particular state right now; that state can increase and become better. 

Our first dimension of increase is spiritual. By spiritual, I have three major aspects in mind: relationship with God, spiritual health, and ministry. On a scale from 0 to 10, we all end 2021 somewhere in-between; for example, some might be at a 6, while others could be at 2. Increasing, as mentioned above, is moving up the scale, making tangible progress in these three critical aspects of our spiritual lives.

The second dimension of increase is in the natural affairs of life. Similar to the spiritual, there are various key categories of the natural dimensions of our lives. These include the health of our minds and bodies, relationships, finances, and the works of our hands.

I declare, by the Spirit of the Lord, that you will increase spiritually and naturally in 2022; that you will see tangible progress and experience supernatural results by the power and wisdom of the Spirit.

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How would you describe your current spiritual and natural state on a hypothetical scale of 0 to 10? (Where 10 is God’s perfect place and 0 is the state when we just became children of God).

Increasing is a reality—as real as declining or stagnation. Furthermore, positive changes require wisdom and power to steer our lives in the right direction. As we go through this year, may the Lord open your eyes to see and strengthen your hands to make things happen. May He give you the desire and willingness to do what is required of you to cause increases in any aspect of your life.

Pray that 2022 will not end with you in the same spiritual or natural state as in 2021. 

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