Feed and Grow to Maturity

As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, (1 Pet. 2:2 NKJ)

Grow to maturity

When babies are born, they are completely human with all the structures that make up a human body. However, before they can effectively benefit from the full potential in their minds and bodies, they have to grow to maturity. Even though they have legs, children will never know the joy of independent movement until they grow and learn to walk.

This is also true of your spiritual life. The day you were born again, your spirit was born like a little baby. You are complete in Christ, but immature. You might be a child of God, yet dealing with the same issues that those who are unsaved are facing.

The scripture above says to desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby. God wants you to grow. There are things you might be praying for and thinking God is not answering, when you actually just need to grow and take them on yourself because they are yours.

Invest in your spiritual life. If the church will invest the time and resources in the spiritual life that the world invests in caring for the physical body, Satan will run away because spiritual giants will arise all over the earth.

I see people so meticulous to ensure they eat right and spend hours each week exercising, but have no time for God’s Word or for prayer. The Christian life is a supernatural life and we should learn how to plug into it. Desire the Word to cause you to grow to enjoy your inheritance in Christ.


Declare that “My heart desires the Word of God and I am growing and becoming stronger each day.”


Are you building up yourself spiritually? If not, CREATE the time to be with the Spirit both in the Word and in prayer to grow to maturity from today.


Ask the Spirit to stir up hunger in your heart for the things of the Spirit.

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