Grow in the Knowledge of God

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 3:18 KJV)

grow in the knowledge of god

The Spirit yearns for you to grow in the knowledge of God. There is a good reason for this longing. The knowledge of God is the bridge between you and a glorious experience: intimacy and relationship with God.

There are two aspects of the knowledge of God. The first is the information, which brings an awareness of facts. This is the natural aspect of His knowledge, which is important because the written scriptures must first be naturally understood.

However, the real meat of the knowledge of God is not the natural, but the spiritual aspect. In fact, the spiritual aspect is the major reason why the Lord commands us to continually grow in our knowledge of Him. The knowledge of God brings an experience with Him. Knowledge is a medium of spiritual communication, by which God interacts with us. For example, when God wants to give you joy, He gives you the knowledge of joy, which produces an experience in your life. In fact, Jesus defined eternal life itself as the knowledge of God in John 17:3. This was not referring to mental knowledge of Him, but an experience of intimate relationship with Him. Your current experience of God is a reflection of the amount of the knowledge of God operating in your life. Grow in the knowledge of God.


The scriptures are God’s mainstay warehouse of knowledge for us. As you study and meditate, your spirit feeds on the words, and spiritual knowledge is imparted. Take a moment to ponder and mutter the scripture above.


The test for your knowledge of God is not a theological test. It is the level of experience of God, His Person (glory), wisdom, and power. Pay attention to the Word of God for your own good from today.


Ask the Lord to grant you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God today.

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David Roller
4 years ago

God has a purpose for his people and he never promise it would be easy but he did sent his only begotten son to lead the way.