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Patrick Oben is a physician and Bible teacher based in Ankeny, Iowa. He works as an internal medicine physician with the MercyOne healthcare systems in the Des Moines area, and his passion as a minister is to help believers grow to spiritual maturity while simultaneously experiencing the presence and power of Jesus through a deeper understanding and revelation of Scripture as well as fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

On October 28th, 2017, Patrick was formally ordained into the ministry by Ps Benny Hinn in Dallas, Texas. Prior to this ordination, he had been actively involved in the ministry, teaching in Churches, conferences, and live online Bible studies. Additionally, he is the author of “The Devotional Life: A Key to a Spiritual Life with Results” and Deshen Daily devotionals.

Driven by his calling as a teacher, Patrick Oben Ministries was created – a teaching ministry with a mission inspired by Habakkuk 2:14.:

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, As the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14, KJV).

Our mission is to build a glorious Church through the teaching of the Word by the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, shining in the hearts of believers “to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:6, KJV).

Patrick firmly believes that God’s words taught through the Holy Spirit possess life-changing power; they are spirit and life—they can heal broken hearts, break chains of sin and addiction, cultivate more responsible parents in households everywhere, lead to more loving neighbors in our neighborhoods, inspire people to become better citizens for their respective nations, etc.

Beyond merely teaching the Word, our ministry is devoted to equipping believers with the tools they need to examine Scripture on their own and cultivate a profound relationship with the Holy Spirit through a healthy devotional life. We believe that skill in personal Bible interpretation and the Spirit are not mutually exclusive( Patrick typically calls this the two “S”s of Bible study—skill and Spirit). As a result, we founded Deshen School of the Spirit as a platform to train and equip believers in the life of the Word and the Spirit.

Patrick currently lives in Ankeny, Iowa, with his wife, Maayuk, and three little angels( Michaela, Gabriella, and Daniella). You can follow Patrick on Twitter(@patrickoben).

Ministry arms

Our ministry is divided into a series of distinct branches that provide various services. Some are currently active, while others are in the process of being established.

Deshen School

An online Bible school that equips and trains believers in the life of the Word and Spirit.

Deshen Publishing

Publishing and training believers to create Spirit-filled content to build God’s kingdom.

Deshen Mountain

Design to bring freedom from addition and similar bondages by the Word and Spirit.

Deshen Journal

A chronicle of medical miracles thoroughly investigated, elucidated, and published.

Deshen Kids

An educational resource to introduce kids to the Word of God and God’s world of the supernatural.

The Word Deshen

Deshen® is a registered Trademark of Deshen Publishing, LLC(ministry publishing).

Get in touch

Questions? Want to invite Patrick to your event? Or want to get involved with what the Lord is doing here?

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  1. Praise God Pastor for your life, and also for the wonderful work God is doing through you in fact , I must say your work and you have been a blessing to me. I am a church leader in Ghana ,but all l need is how to grow in God kindly help me to revive myself and the holy spirit in me for the Lord to use me more.Amen

    1. Oh how wonderful to read this! It is indeed my joy, and what the Lord has asked me to do. To grow,these are the two basic ingredients:

      1. You need to encounter God in The Word and in the Holy Spirit
      There are many article and sermons on the site available for this:


      And you can search for specific topics as needed.

      2. You provoke these encounters in prayer, meditation/bible study, and impartation.
      Your devotional life is your key to the fullness of God: a constant infilling of the Spirit in prayer and in the Word.
      I will suggest you understand and practice this carefully: https://patrickoben.com/daily-devotional-life-1/





      The Lord who brought you here will fulfill His good pleasure in building your life and bringing you to encounter His presence and power in more and more glorious ways.
      And please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions as you study.Blessings

  2. Dear our spiritual dad in Christ Jesus love.
    Receive much love from Africa Kenya.church.orphans and my beloved family in Christ Jesus.

    What a great and blessed massage from your wonderful ministry website.Thank you for your message on the Riches of the Gentiles. we studying the Word this morning together with our orphans children’s center and my beloved wife nd the Lord led me to several verses until I saw Isaiah 60:11. I have never seen it this way before despite reading it severally. I searched up “riches of the gentiles ” and go to your website again and again and read your message for more clarity Surely this is the time God what’s to grow and join our heart’s together for the results of winning more souls to Him alone. It’s amazing and we are excited to see how His word is playing out in my life. In vrs1, he said His light will come upon me, and it did. He gave us an idea Today that idea is manifesting into vrs 11. Thank you for the prayer at the end of the message. Please allow us to use your ministry teachings and foundation in Kenya Africa.Als Also allow us to be your spiritual children’s in Christ love from Kenya and you to be our spiritual parents.we are ready to work together under your wonderful ministry leadership.lets asJoin faith with me to believe that what He has started, He also will perfect!
    God bless you and strengthen your ministry.Welcome to Kenya established your wonderful ministry leadership.Thanks your son from Kenya

    1. Hello Pastor Orlan,

      Yes, pleased to read from you and greetings there to you and the wonderful family with you there in Kenya.
      Absolutely, will be glad to work with your ministry and foster what the Lord is doing there. Please feel free to use the resources you find on the site. Most of our materials are electronic and you will find them on our site including devotionals, articles and video teachings. Please let me know if you find a resource on the site that you need and will send that over to you.
      I will come to know your minister better with time as we keep in touch. The Lord continue to strengthen and encourage you in the work He has commanded you to do, and cause you to increase daily in His presence, wisdom and power as you are hungry to know Him and seek Him in His Word and in prayer.
      Pastor Patrick

  3. I start reading the Bible and in the bible and when I arrive to “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.” I’m confused!! Can God be tired?

    1. Good question. First, pleased to know you have taken a step further to read the Bible. It will certainly be a rewarding experience so keep matching on!

      Yes, God cannot get tired. You are correct. I will show you here an important Bible study principle to understand early in your journey into the Bible. Words used in the Bible do not have just one meaning. Rest, for example is a word we know that means physical rest from being tired. Whenever you see the word rest, it is important to know exactly what is meant there. So the meaning of words depends on the context in which it is used.
      So rest in this verse doesn’t mean God got physically tired. It simple means he ceased or stopped working after accomplishing what He wanted to do.
      A similar important Bible study principle is to look for other verses that might help you understand the current verse because it can be difficult sometimes. A similar verse is

      “For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.”
      ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭4:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

      You can read the entire Hebrews chapter 4 to have a better idea also.

      The Lord grant you understanding as you devote time to read the Word.
      Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any difficulties along the other or other questions.

  4. Dear Pastor,
    Thank you for your message on the Riches of the Gentiles. I was studying the Word this morning and the Lord led me to several verses until I saw Isaiah 60:11. I have never seen it this way before despite reading it severally. I searched up “riches of the gentiles ” and got to your website and read your message for more clarity. It’s amazing and I’m excited to see how His word is playing out in my life. In vrs1, he said His light will come upon me, and it did. He gave me an idea while driving. Today that idea is manifesting into vrs 11. Thank you for the prayer at the end of the message. Join faith with me to believe that what He has started, He also will perfect!
    God bless you and strengthen your ministry.

    1. Anita, thank you for sharing that exciting testimony with me. I have just prayed for you that the Lord will continue to increase the manifestation of that light in your life! Blessings

  5. Hello Sir ,
    Good morning. I perused through your page and specifically the belief of your ministry in the early hours of today. I’m pleased with everything about you and would wish to follow you more keenly in your discipleship training.
    I am a Nigerian and a pioneering pastor of missionary based church located at Obudu in Cross River State. I am also a lecturer in Computer Science Dept of Federal College of Education and currently a Ph.D research student. I am a husband of one wife and the marriage is blessed with five children.

    1. Praise the Lord, Ps Walter! You will find everything about our ministry on our website including articles, daily devotionals and weekly live Bible studies. The Lord continues to strengthen you. Blessings

  6. Hello Dr. Oben, I was recently at ORHC the part of July and you came to my room to discharge me but in talking with you I felt you had more compassion and caring than I have ever felt in all my many illnesses. You planted the seeds in my heart and I still think about everything you said and I would truly like to go further with this but I am not able to drive and need assistance with o2 plus my husband is a non believer so I’m not sure which way to go. I have been reading the devotionals and meditating on the healing scrptures, is there anything you can suggest? Thank you, Twyla

    1. Twyla, I do remember you! Thank you for getting in touch. I am pleased to know the seed of God’s Word has triggered a fire in your heart. God’s Word works, and as you commit yourself to it, watch and see results. The Lord will make a way out of this. I will send an email to you. In the meantime, please continue doing what you are doing in seeding your heart with the Word. That is God’s miracle drug for the heart and the body. Please read these articles and devotionals on divine healing here https://patrickoben.com/tag/divine-healing/
      I will keep you in prayers and will stay in touch.

  7. Dear Patrick I want to thank you for posting your teach on glory and grace just read the grace cycle and already God is at work revealing Christ to me. God has been showing me truth of the grace all of my walk with Him and this is timely information. I started a Facebook group named grace and truth and post the truth about grace your teaching is giving me a great since of purpose for the group thank you. my God bless and keep you and your wife as we grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus christ.

    1. Thank you Johnnie for your kind feedback. I am thrilled to hear what God is doing in your life. Indeed everything changes when Christ is revealed. You have begun a very exciting journey of knowing Him more. Watch your life transformed as grace is revealed through the Person and Work of Christ one step at a time.
      We will be pleased to know what God is doing with your ministry in Grace and Truth, so please do keep us informed. It is our utmost desire to see men and women fall passionately in love with Christ as they come to the revelation of His grace. Feel free to use the articles on our site and let us know if you have any questions or need further clarifications. Remain the blessing

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