Deshen Daily devotionals are Spirit-filled words, based exclusively on a daily Bible verse, that will encourage, strengthen and build you up every day. To find what you need now, please choose a category below or use the search box to search for a specific topic; for a deeper understanding of devotions with God, including its purpose, methods, components, correct use and more, please see the articles at the bottom of this page or read “What is a Devotional?“.


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Insights on a devotional, its purpose, examples, challenges, components, and more.

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The articles below will deepen your understanding of the devotional. We hope they trigger a hunger in your heart for a closer relationship and intimacy with the Lord.

Deepen Your Understanding of the Daily Devotional

trusted daily Devotionals

There are hundreds of quality daily devotions online from trusted ministries or ministers. I have included a sample below for you; the list is by no means exhaustive. We do not recommend you read or follow all of them. Not all of them will be suitable for your spiritual needs. Just as the Spirit places you in a local church with a pastor that is best suitable to you, so we pray that He will guide you if you need to use any of them regularly.

We recommend that you use one or at most two regularly.

I do not regularly read most of these devotionals, but I know the ministries to varying degrees. If there is a daily devotional on this list that publishes content of questionable quality, please let me know. Furthermore, if a devotional is particularly edifying to believers, is widely read, and you believe it will benefit our readers, please let us know in the comments below. We will review and consider adding to the list above; no guarantees we will add every suggestion, as that will not be feasible.

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