How to Increase Grace in Your Life

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord (2 Peter 1:2 KJV) 

Yes, we can increase God’s grace in our lives! Though the idea of growing in grace (divine favor) might seem nonbiblical, knowing that grace is unmerited, the Bible teaches us that there are aspects of grace that can increase in our lives. In 2 Peter 1:2 above, Peter shows us that grace can multiply; it can increase exceedingly! 

But what does it mean to increase grace? Can we increase God’s love or kindness in our lives or earn more of His favor? These questions become easy to answer if we remember the different facets of what scripture calls grace, as discussed earlier in this Deshen Daily miniseries on grace under “Anatomy of Grace.” We cannot make God love us more or earn His favor already given to us. However, grace, as the Spirit’s power in us and the expressions of this power, can increase or diminish. You can grow in the various manifestations of grace, such as power, wisdom, and gifts.

Finally, how do we increase grace in our lives? Peter uses straightforward language to give us a direct answer: “through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord.” Grace comes at the revelation of Jesus Christ. When God wants to reveal grace or increase it in someone’s life, He reveals Jesus to that person.

So grace does increase, and we can make that happen by increasing the knowledge of Christ (epignosis) in our lives!

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What does it mean to increase grace in our lives? What can you do to grow God’s grace at work in you?

Apply the Word

Paul, the Apostle of grace, had two significant revelations of Christ which unleashed grace in his life. Jesus first appeared to him on the road to Damascus and later appeared to Him in earth-shaking revelations of Himself. Today, you can see Christ in the scriptures. Increase grace in your life! You can read My Story about Seeing Jesus in the Word.

Ask the Father to help you put this devotional to work in your life. 

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