Walking in the Paths of Life

Who leave the paths of uprightness,To walk in the ways of darkness (Proverbs 2:13, KJV)

The Hebrew culture communicated truth and abstract knowledge using simple every day things they related with. For example, rather than trying to explain character using language that describes the abstract, they will call it fruit. You will find this pattern repeated throughout the old testament. One of such terms frequently used in the scripture is the word “path” or “road” with its related term “walk”.  These words communicate profound spiritual truth.

The scripture above talks of the paths or roads of uprightness. What comes to your mind when you think of a road? It is a well-crafted track that leads to a specific destination. All you need to do is to follow the path , and it will lead you somewhere. These paths are used figuratively to describe our manner of life, including attitudes, behaviors, words, and actions. That means our behavior or things  we say put  us  on a path to somewhere, whether  we are aware of it  or not.

The related term is walking. Again, this is using something physical we know to describe spiritual truth. Walking is an intentional and purposeful act of displacement on a road that leads us  somewhere. Whenever we make those almost unnoticeable daily choices on what to do, say or attitude to adopt in life, we are walking on a particular road. For example, when we choose NOT  to give our bodies or minds to sexual impurity, we are walking on the road of holiness. When we choose to rejoice in the midst of a crisis, we are walking on the road of joy. There are different paths of uprightness, which include righteousness, holiness, love, faith, etc. Similarly, there are paths of darkness including sin, etc.

You should be conscious that you are always walking on a path, and every path has a destination. Laziness or an idle hand, for example, is a road, and whoever walks on that road will end up in poverty’s backyard! A subtle lie we often make ourselves believe is that we can walk on a road to point A and expect to end up in point B. We would never do such things naturally but we often do it repeatedly in our spiritual walk. None of us boards a flight to New York and when we intend to go to Chicago!  Know your destinations and walk on the paths that lead you there.


Is there a way or path to salvation?  ( John 14:6)


 Is your daily walk consistent with your expected destination? Are you hungry for a rich and enjoyable relationship with the Lord? Well, that is a destination. What is the road you are currently walking on? Are you investing time in His Word, prayer and fellowship with other Christians? If not, then your daily walk is not consistent with your expected destination. The same is true about wealth, health, marriage, etc.  The Lord says “consider your ways” or the paths you are walking in, especially when you see that your actual destination is not where you intended to be in! 


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to guide you in the paths of righteousness, love, faith, prosperity, health, etc. 

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