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They found in Him no guilt worthy of death

And though they found in him no guilt worthy of death, they asked Pilate to have him executed (Acts 13:28 ESV)

The Jews found no guilt worthy of death in Jesus, yet they asked Paul to have Him crucified. There are two significant aspects of guilt essential to understand here.  Guilt is the state or fact of having committed an offense or sin as prescribed by the laws. When Adam sinned, their status before God changed. They were guilty of having committed sin, and the condemnation for sin was death. The second meaning of guilt is the feeling we have when we have committed a sin. The first meaning is what is intended in the verse above. The Jews could not prove that Jesus had committed an offense or crime.

The sinner is guilty before God. The legal action against sin is death and facing the fierce wrath of God. However, when Jesus died on the cross, He carried the rightful judgment against sin, that is, death and the wrath of God. The Father judged the sin of the world on Christ. He died in the state of a sinner, who is guilty before God. Those who believe in Christ receive the blessing of freedom from the guilt of their sin, that is, forgiveness.

The Father finds in us no guilt worthy of death in Christ!


What are the two meanings of guilt as used above. How does that apply to you? 


The only Way to removing the guilt of sin is believing Christ died and resurrected for us. As a child of God, you are not guilty of death before God. You have passed from death to life! Know and believe this with everything inside of you. Maybe someone is reading this devotional and they have not yet believed in Christ. A  great opportunity is before you today to believe in Him as your Saviour and be free from the guilt of sin, which is death and escape facing the fierce wrath of God.


Thank the Father for sending Jesus to die to set us free from the guilt of sin. 

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