Drinking from the river of God’s pleasures!

They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; And thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures (Psalm 36:8, KJV)

The Psalmist prophetically spoke the gracious words above about the people of God, that we will be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of God’s house, and He will make us drink of the rivers of His pleasures! The image here is that of someone on a buffet Table enjoying the delicious food set before him and drinking choice drink. What is the river of God’s pleasures? How do we drink of that river?

The keywords I want you to remember regarding the word “river” in scripture are “water”, “abundant”, “continuous flow”. A river is an abundant collection of continuously flowing water. Water in this context in the scriptures essentially refers to heaven’s supply for the varied needs of human beings. I want you to think of what water does to a thirsty person. Man has needs, spiritual, emotional, and physical. The deepest need of every human being is fellowship with our Father and Creator. We have other needs, but that is the most critical one. We also need joy, peace, satisfaction in life. We need to love and be loved. We need money. We need healing of our bodies when we are sick. We need protection. We have needs, spiritual, emotional, and physical. We become destabilized, unstable, and even sometimes agitated when our needs are not met. However, when our needs are met, it is like cold water on a sunny day.

The river of God describes God’s supply from heaven to meet our needs. It is a symbol for the Holy Spirit, who is God’s River, with many streams(or rivers) that meets our needs. A river has an abundance of water. God does not only meet our needs. He meets them to exceedingly abundantly beyond what we can handle until our cup overflows! Furthermore, a river is a constant flow of water. The supply for our needs is inexhaustible. God cannot run out of power to meet the needs of His people. The power flows, flows and flows, and never runs out until we can receive no more! 

Let me end by showing you an example so you can understand what I am saying here. Let me ask you this question: how is it possible for me to write new devotionals, new insight, every day, 7 days a week, every month since we started our ministry in 2016? This is a heavenly supply of wisdom, a constant flow that does not run out! I can never run out of insight because there is a river inside of me of the wisdom and knowledge of God bubbling like a brook. This is the river of wisdom. Do you remember Jesus said out of belly shall flow rivers of living water? Wisdom is just one. What about peace? Peace is a river, abundant endless flow of peace that overwhelms you amid a troubled world. The same is true of joy. There is a river of joy—abundant, constant flow that does not run out, but new every morning! What about finances? What if we step into the river of God’s financial provision, what would happen to our life?? The same is true of the river of His presence or the river of His power.

Brethren, there is more about our God than many of us have experienced. God is calling us to move from water at our ankles to our knees, waist, and then to the river. He has called you to drink of the river of His pleasures!


This is a fundamental truth, and I struggle to keep the devotional short and simple. Please reread it to ensure you fully understand what the river of God is.


Drink from the river of His pleasures! You are abundantly furnished and supplied from heaven, with all things, spiritual and physical! Please grow grow grow in your spiritual life and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. This is not the time to play church or Christianity. The Father is calling us to drink from the river of His delights!


Thank the Lord for allowing us to drink from the rivers of His pleasures.  

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