Lampstand also for the Light

The lampstand also for the light, with its utensils and its lamps, and the boil for the light  (Exod. 35:14 ESV)

The Lord gave Moses specific instructions about the construction of the Tabernacle. The Lampstand was to be made of pure gold with seven branches to hold seven lamps for the light in the Tabernacle.  The light rays from the fires were to be directed to face the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Tabernacle was. The Lampstand carried the lamps that cast their light towards the Ark bearing the presence of God. 

What does that Lampstand represent?  It is clear that it was pointing to Jesus, the Light of life, and the Light of to lighten the world. As the Lampstand was to cast its light in the direction of the Ark, so Jesus came to reveal to us the Father. He is the Light that makes us see who the Father is.

The lampstand, therefore, is Jesus, the Son of Man, that is, as a Man. The Oil represented the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Oil had to be put in the lamps for the light to shine forth. God needs a man to shine forth his light.  His people are now the lampstand on the earth to shine the light of God. When John saw Jesus in Revelations 1 walking in the midst of the seven lampstands, he was later told the lampstands were the seven Churches, that is, the people of God! We are the Candle or lampstand here and now. The oil of God has to burn in the lampstand to produce the light. You are God’s lampstand in your home, job,  neighborhood so shine forth and show them what the Father looks like.


What is the relationship between the Lampstand, the oil and the light? Think about this and how it relates to you practically.


Jesus has called you into Himself. He was the Lampstand and has called you to be a lampstand in the earth. Do not let your light go out. Keep shining to show forth His light!


Ask the Lord to empower you to increase the oil that burns in your life to shine. 

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