Who Touched My Clothes

And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes? ( Mark 5:30 KJV)

The story of the woman with  12 years of bleeding who touched Jesus has volumes to teach us on faith and how God operates. This woman came in the crowd, secretly, and touched Jesus. The scripture says as soon as she touched Him, power left Jesus’s into her body and she could feel that she  was healed. 

Jesus asked, “who touched my clothes”? Many people were touching Him but that woman’s touch was different. It was a touch that created a bridge between the physical and the supernatural, allowing God’s power to flow into her body. There is no doubt there might have been other sick people touching Jesus without any healing. Jesus later spoke to the woman and said: “thy faith hath made thee whole”. He tells us what made this woman’s touch different. Faith is the hand that touches God.

God can touch us, and we are all looking for more of His touch. However, we must also realize that we can touch Him. Humanity touches God through faith and that touch unleashes His power on the earth. The most astonishing fact in this story is that Jesus, as a Man, did not even know who touched Him. The woman did not touch Him and then He made a decision to either heal her or not. Many believers think faith is something God is waiting to SEE and then decide to act based on the faith He sees. This story should open your eyes. Faith is a principle of divine operation on the earth. When present, it will touch God’s power. Rather than bothering whether God will do or not, we should rather pay attention to get our faith to work!


Has God ever touched you? Have you ever touched God?


The woman had Jesus, the Word, walking physically. You have the Word, as written scriptures. You can still touch God in the same way the woman with bleeding above touched Him. Stretch your faith!


Ask the Lord to help you put your faith to work.

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