Thou Wilt Light My Candle

For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness. (Ps. 18:28 KJV)

Thou wilt light my candle showing a candle in the dark

David declared prophetically that the LORD will light his candle and enlighten his darkness. He had only a glimpse of the light of God in the Old Testament. Today, the true Light of God has come to us to light our candle and enlighten our darkness. That Light, His Word that was made flesh, shines in us and the darkness cannot contain it.

What is this light or candle David was speaking of? Light is often used in scripture for knowledge and understanding. However, this is not what David is talking about here in this verse. The context of the entire chapter shows us clearly that the light was about the LORD giving him safety, deliverance, prosperity, comfort, glory, etc.  He uses light here as an experience of the good things of life. Life is light, and death is darkness. Health is light, and sickness is darkness. Deliverance is light, and bondage is darkness. Joy is life, and depression is darkness. Do you get the idea?  Light is the experience of the beauties of life, while darkness is the experience of the gloom of death. Light therefore in this context is not knowledge, but an experience of life.

When Christ came, He certainly brought an understanding to us to know the Father. But that is not all. He came to give us an experience of eternal life, to enjoy it until it overflows( John 10:10). This experience of eternal life is light. God has lit your candle. He is your Lamp and your Light!


What is the meaning of light in John 1:5? Declare that “God has lit the lamp of my life and brought me into the knowledge of the Father, and the experience of eternal life.”


God has lit your candle. He wants you to experience that light in your health, finances, spiritual life, family, etc. Walk in that light!


Thank the LORD for shining the light in every darkness in your life.

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