The Spiritual Script that Controls the Video of Your Life 

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. (Proverbs 4:23, NLT)

the spiritual script that covers our lives showing a woman and code behind her head

Your life’s journey on earth can be envisioned as a video; within it exists an unseen spiritual script that exercises control. Grasping this principle marks the beginning of your dominion on Earth.

In Proverbs 4:23, Solomon underscores that your heart determines the course of your life. Imagine your earthly existence as a video; it encompasses your thoughts, emotions, desires, physical well-being, relationships, finances, family, and more. That video of your life is simply a visible expression of spiritual realities, irrespective of your awareness. This holds for all humans, whether they are Christians or unbelievers.

Beneath this life video lies an invisible code, script, or handwriting that governs it—the spiritual realm. This realm consists of beings, things, and laws. It encompasses God as the Supreme Being with His holy angels, Satan, evil spirits, and elements like power (non-personal entities). Notably, this realm also encompasses you. You have a spirit and are concurrently present in the spiritual realm; God created us as enigmas, with a spirit to exist in the spiritual realm and flesh to inhabit the physical world.

Job 1:6 to 2:10 offers a striking illustration of the principle of the spiritual script. In this account, a heavenly meeting transpires between God and Satan—a spiritual script being written. Following the script’s enactment, we observe Job on Earth enduring the loss of his possessions, family, and health. Although he did not see a spirit or demon, adverse circumstances befell him, shaped by a spiritual script underlying his life’s narrative.

The heartening news for Christians is that Christ has endowed us with the authority to rewrite any script that governs our lives. For example, Hebrews 4:16 encourages us to approach God’s throne and receive grace. This verse shows how prayer and faith can be put to work to rewrite scripts that dictate your ministry, family, career, and more; you can rewrite scripts in your room through prayer that controls what happens in your job or neighborhood!

May the Lord open your eyes to see this thing and give you the grace to put it to work.


Ponder the implications of the insights shared above.

Apply the Word

To embrace this principle, open your eyes to the spiritual script and comprehend the spiritual realm. Once you grasp this concept, allow the Word of God to guide you in transforming any situation.


Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in unveiling your understanding of the scripts that influence your life.

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