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How the Heart Connects the Natural and the Spiritual 

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. (Mark 11:23 KJV)

The human heart is a large gate that connects the natural and the spiritual realm. This gate is the singular pathway for spiritual beings to operate on the earth legally—God and His angels on the one hand and Satan with his demons on the other. This devotional explains how our hearts determine the kind of spiritual activities occurring in our lives.

The heart is our inner life. It is the immaterial part of us—not part of the physical body.  We have thoughts, feelings, and a will, and these three faculties generally constitute our inner life, hearts, or inward person. But according to Genesis 2:7, this inward person, the living soul, came to existence only after God breathed the spirit into the body. Therefore, our thoughts, emotions, and will, while we live here on earth, are the product of both the spirit and the body. We are a mysterious unity of spirit and body as one, and herein lies the reason our hearts are a gate between the natural and the spiritual. 

Because of this crucial link, our hearts’ thoughts, feelings, desires, or intentions either open the door for God or shuts it against Him. A classic example of this foundational truth is found in Mark 11:23 above. Jesus says we can speak to mountains and see them move under one condition—no doubt in our hearts. It is not the words spoken to the mountains that move them, but the power released depending on the state of our hearts: whether we accept as true what we are saying, are persuaded about them, etc. When our hearts believe, God’s power passes through the gate and flows through our words. But when we doubt, the heart gate closes, and the words go out as empty ordinary human words. 

Just as the heart’s gate can facilitate divine traffic, it can also be opened wide for the devil. Do you know that fear in our hearts is a birthday gift to Satan? The same is true about bitterness, hate, anxieties, lusts, stubbornness, etc. Satan cannot act on the earth except if a human being is willing to do what he wants or open the emotional gate he needs. 

Beyond miracles or Satanic activity, the most critical application of this truth is, perhaps, that God communes with us through our hearts. Gods eternal desire is to dwell on the earth—live and walk here. His goal is not to dwell in our spirits but to live and walk in our natural world. He wants to fill our souls and bodies and overflow into our environment. But for this to happen, He must leave the human spirit (the inner tablet of the heart) and pass through the gate of the heart to be revealed in the natural world. So, our thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions matter to God. For instance, joy in our hearts facilities His presence as anxiety and fear stifle it. Lust, hate, or bitterness, like dirt, keep Him away, enclosed within our spirits and detached from our natural world where we need Him most!

In conclusion, guard your heart with all your might because it is a gate that will control spiritual traffic affecting your health, family, relationships, finances, ministry, etc.


Can Satan bypass human beings to do on earth whatever he wants?

Apply the Word

Whenever we are anxious or fearful, we indirectly ask God to leave us alone to fight our battles. The same is true about faith. Unbelief shuts the door of our hearts on God’s face. Similarly, confessing and declaring the Word out of a heart of unbelief is a waste of our time; acting faith without faith in our hearts is begging for disappointments. The Father is looking for clean, quiet, joyful hearts to facilitate His manifestations on earth. Would you also say ‘yes’ to Him?


Ask the Spirit to help us make our hearts conductible for divine purposes in our lives. 

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