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The Spiritual Snake Line

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2, KJV).

The snake line showing a mountain covered with snow

The snake line is a geographical term used to describe an imaginary topographical line in a mountainous area above which snakes do not live. Snakes naturally live beneath this altitude but would not survive above it. This fascinating concept is life-transforming when applied to our spiritual lives.

Scriptures reveal an analogy between our spiritual lives and the snake line concept. First, the line (altitude) describes different spiritual states of being. Heights in the spirit realm represent different degrees of qualities, especially power. For example, when we say God is higher than others, we are not referring to physical height, but His power that far supersedes all others. Second, natural snakes are spiritually analogous to death, darkness, and demons

Therefore, the spiritual snake line describes a spiritual state of being in which darkness, death, or demons do not live, function, or thrive. This principle applies in two phases in our spiritual lives. It begins at salvation, where every believer passes from death to life. Eternal death loses its grip on anyone in Christ. Then comes the next phase of Christian living, where there are two spiritual ways of living: above the snake line (in the Spirit) or below the snake line (in the flesh). Demons, death, condemnation, etc., thrive when we live in the flesh and lose their power when we step into walking by the Spirit. 

So we climbed above the spiritual snake line when we believed in Christ. However, from a practical perspective, we can live above or below the spiritual snake line—depending on whether we walk in the flesh or the Spirit.

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What is the spiritual snake line described above? How does life in the Spirit elevate us above this line? 

Apply the Word

Snakes will bite if we walk in their zones. Therefore, we should strive to live above the spiritual snake line by abiding in the spiritual place where the snakes of death, sins, darkness, or demons are defeated. This place is the place of surrendering to Christ, yielding to the Spirit, and living by His Word. 


Ask the Father to help you live above the spiritual snake line. 

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4 years ago

Amen! I was just encouraging a young lady I mentor about the ‘snake line’. I googled information to expound more for her and found this. Great explanation! Blessings!