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The Spiritual Snake Line

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2, KJV).

The snake line showing a mountain covered with snow

The snake line is an imaginary line as one ascends a mountain above which snakes do not live because the atmospheric conditions are not conducive to their survival. That means below the line, at a certain height, you will find snakes and battle with them. Above that line, snakes just do not thrive. This applies squarely to our spiritual lives.

The Spirit is the finger of God that destroys death and the Devil (Luke 11:20). The flesh, on the contrary, is Satan’s realm of operation. The line between the flesh and the Spirit is a spiritual snake line.

When we live in the flesh, there are things we cannot be free from because that is where they thrive. Death is present wherever there is sin. Sin is below the snake line in life and once we live in sin, we are bound to face the snakes of death. We cannot pray and ask the Lord to deliver us from death while in sin. He delivers us from death by pulling us out of sin to live above the snake line.

The same is true for all the activities of the flesh. Bitterness in our hearts is living below the snake line and there are things we are surely going to face whenever we live at that level. The snakes of darkness will ruin our joy, prosperity, and wellbeing. However, the Lord wants you to always walk in the Spirit because the law of the Spirit of life will lift you up above the law of sin and death.


How do we walk in the Spirit? (Romans 6:13). Declare “I am living above the snake line, above the law of sin and death.”


Are there some snakes you are dealing with because you are below the snake line in some area of your life? Do something about it by doing what the Word instructs.


Ask the Spirit to help you live daily above the law of sin and death.

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3 years ago

Amen! I was just encouraging a young lady I mentor about the ‘snake line’. I googled information to expound more for her and found this. Great explanation! Blessings!

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