Your victory is from the spiritual realm

But it is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding. (Job 32:8 NAS)

The spiritual realm governs the physical world we see. The natural world is simply a platform for display of the activity of the spirit realm. This truth becomes even more important to us as a believer. God relates with us from the spiritual realm, and if we want to see the victories He has promised, then we will have to align ourselves with the principles of His realm.

The scripture above makes a critical statement which is the foundation of faith- there is a spirit in man. There is a spirit in you. Even a man that is not saved also has a spirit in him-except that the spirit is described as dead, meaning cut off from God. Be conscious of the realm of the spirit. Your actions and words have consequences in the spirit realm, and will determine what you experience. Proverbs 4:23 says we should diligently guard our hearts, for out of it comes the issues of life. Bitterness will eat a man’s spirit like cancer, and everything about his life, from his personal happiness to his job, will become bitter. Be conscious that you are indeed a spirit being. The Word of God is the mirror to the world of the spirit. When you act on the Word, you are aligning yourself to the spiritual realm, and therefore positioning yourself for all round victory.


Ponder and mutter the verse above. Take a moment to intentionally consider the truth that there is a spirit inside of you. What are the implications of that?


Ask the Lord to open your eyes by His Word in the spirit realm, so that you can align yourself properly.


If we live in sin, we are giving Satan a knife to ruin our life. You are a spirit and your actions have spiritual consequences. Do not act in line with death in the spiritual realm, and expect life physically. Do not keep speaking death all day and expect good things your way. You see, many still do not realize the spiritual implications of their actions and words. They will never plant apples physically and expect a harvest of grapes, yet they do this unknowingly in the realm of the spirit. God has given you His Word to help you avoid pitfalls in the spiritual realm, and launch your life into ever-increasing victory. Start acting in line with the power of God in the realm father spirit today.

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