Your Year Hangs on Your Mouth

A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth (Proverbs 13:2, KJV).

Power of words showing a man and a woman whispering to each other

Your life follows the course of your mouth and where your words go, the circumstances of your life will certainly follow. This is such a powerful and important truth in our spiritual lives. Words are powerful. It is sad that many believers still either do not understand this reality or they think it is one of those “say it, claim it” Christian jargons.

As you begin the year, remember that December will bring the fruits of what you say from January. The scripture above says, “A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth” (Proverbs. 13:2 KJV). Whenever you open your mouth to speak, a seed comes out of your lips. That seed will grow to a crop, which bears fruit. And you cannot give this fruit to another to eat. Scripture says every man will eat the fruit of his lips whether good or bad.

Do not take this instruction lightly. It is not a natural principle that can be explained scientifically. It is spiritual. If you understand and believe that God spoke words and the universe was created (which does not really make sense to our minds), you can be sure we will obtain the results of our words. It might not make sense but we will bear the consequences or reap the good harvest anyway.


Why are the words of our mouths so important? (Proverbs 18:21). Declare, “My mouth is speaking life, health, prosperity, joy, and peace at all times by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


The power of words explains why part of meditation is speaking out God’s Word. There is tremendous power in verbally pronouncing the Word of God aloud, over yourself or in the face of circumstances. Learn to talk the Word, not your fears and concerns.


Sincerely ask the Lord to help you control your mouth and ultimately, control your life. Pray that you will learn not to just keep quiet but to declare His Word over your life.

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