Rejoice Always 

“Rejoice always.” (1 Thess. 5:16 NKJ.)

Rejoice always-daily devotional.

The instruction in the verse above is quite straightforward. Rejoice always! Joy is your lifeline to accessing and manifesting the supernatural in your life. It is God’s wonder pill for the ailments of humanity.

“Rejoice” is a verb that describes the manifestation and expression of joy. Joy is manifesting in your heart and body in different ways. You can see people and know if they are joyful or not, which implies joy can be seen. Rejoicing is manifesting joy in your life. Joy will cause you to smile, sing, or even dance. It spreads like leaven to contaminate those who are around you.

The instruction above is to “rejoice always.” Is that possible on this earth that we live in? Well, if it wasn’t, God would not have instructed us to do so. Did you notice what is written above about rejoicing? It is a manifestation of joy — not a response to the circumstances of our lives.

That means rejoicing in itself has no connection with the situations of our lives. The power of the word “always” comes to full force in the circumstances of life that seem to be incompatible with joy. God wants you to learn to rejoice in these circumstances, which may be seen as a form of madness or insanity to those in the world. Their joy is a response to their circumstances, but your joy as a believer is from the Lord. You can manifest that joy at all times and in all circumstances.

It gets even better. When we rejoice, the adverse circumstances change to match the joy in our hearts! You do not wait for the situation to change. You change the situation from inside you, by rejoicing always!


Think about two ways in which joy has manifested in your life over the past 24 hours.


When you face a challenging situation with your health, finances, or family again today, remember this Word and rejoice always!


Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to the reality of rejoicing always and at all times.

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