He  has visited and redeemed his people

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; For he hath visited and redeemed his people. (Luke 1:68, KJV)

Have you ever eagerly awaited a visit you knew would change everything? That’s the kind of visit Zacharias, John the Baptist’s father, experienced—a divine encounter that spelled redemption for humanity. However, that visit from God was no ordinary one; it was a crucial move to set people free.

When Zacharias declared that God “has visited and redeemed his people,” he linked God’s visitation to our liberation. The Bible is full of such moments when God steps in and transforms a situation, like when He came to the Israelites in Egypt, signaling their exodus from slavery to freedom (Exodus 4:31). Zacharias, however, wasn’t just talking about the past; he was revealing the ultimate divine visitation.

This supreme visitation came in the person of Jesus, the awaited Messiah. His coming wasn’t a mere historical event; it was God making His home among us, which left the crowds in awe, as recorded in Luke 7:16: “God has visited his people.” Jesus’ purpose was to free us from the grip of sin, Satan, and everything associated with them. 

Echoing this deliverance, the psalmist writes, “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Psalm 107:20, KJV). Here, deliverance is a concrete reality brought by the living Word of God—again, Jesus!

Embrace this exhilarating truth: God has visited and redeemed us. The cross and the blood of Christ have changed our history and reshaped our present. Through our interaction with His Word and faith, we bring this freedom into every part of our lives, whether in health, finances, or spiritual struggles. The redemptive power of God is always within reach.


Ponder on Luke 1:68. Let the truth that “God has visited and redeemed his people” settle deeply within you.

Apply the Word

God’s visit can happen in many ways: through deep personal moments, through others, through revelations, or appearances. Be open to these divine encounters; they’re meant to bring you into a greater experience of His redemption.


Pray earnestly for a transformative visitation from God that brings redemption and healing wherever you need it most.

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