The LORD Visited Hannah

And the LORD visited Hannah, so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile, the child Samuel grew before the LORD(1 Samuel 2:21, KJV).

Divine visitations mark pivotal moments in our spiritual journey and often initiate profound transformation. Hannah’s story serves as an excellent example. Following a divine visitation, once barren Hannah became the mother of three sons and two daughters after her firstborn, Samuel.

In other instances, such as Sarah’s (Genesis 21:1) and the Israelites in Egypt, divine visitations signified the end of prolonged hardship, including years of barrenness and centuries of slavery. However, divine visitation doesn’t always imply a visible manifestation of God. When Hannah received her divine visitation, she didn’t see an angel or experience any supernatural phenomena. Instead, she believed Eli’s prophetic words (1 Samuel 1:17-18) and later realized she was pregnant. This silent and undramatic visitation bore results evident to all.

God’s visitations can occur sovereignly, but they can also be in response to our actions and attitudes. Hannah’s earnest prayer, her vow in the temple, and her faith-filled response to Eli’s words (1 Samuel 1:10-20) created an environment conducive to divine visitation. 

Although we can’t control God’s sovereign actions, we can foster an atmosphere that welcomes His intervention. The Lord responds to faith in His Word. If God does not touch you, you can touch Him to touch you! Learn to ask, seek or knock, and don’t quit until the door opens. 


Reflect on your own experiences. When was the last time you experienced a divine visitation? What actions or attitudes might invite or hinder divine visitations in your life?

Apply the Word

Recognize that your actions and attitudes can open doors for divine visitations. Cultivating a spirit of prayer, faith, and earnest seeking can foster an environment conducive to God’s intervention. Even if answers seem delayed, ask, seek, or knock until God breaks every chain and brings you the desired victory.


Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in creating an environment that invites divine visitation. Pray for discernment to recognize and respond to His interventions.

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