My son, give me thine heart

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.  (Proverbs 23:26 KJV)

In January of this year, I told you the Lord has put in my heart that this year is a year of preparation of the heart. We are already in May and almost half of the year is behind us. Is your heart prepared for the glory of God?  Solomon speaking above told his son “give me thine heart”. These are prophetic words from God addressing both sons and daughters today. The Lord is saying to you “give me your heart”.

Whatever or whoever has our hearts has our life. God does not want our money. He does not want our sacrifices, service, etc. He wants our hearts. He knows that if He has our hearts, then He will have everything in our lives including our service, money, family, etc. Our treasure is in the hands of the thing or the person who has our hearts.

The question is this: what does it mean to give God your heart?

As I have taught before, the heart is not some mysterious spirit in us. It refers to our will, the things we are willing or unwilling to do. It refers to our thoughts, the things that pre-occupy our mind and controls our thinking. It refers to our emotions, the feelings we are keeping inside. For example, if we are willing to follow our sexual desires rather than what He wants, Christ does not have our heart, irrespective of what we say to others and to Him.

The Lord is telling us today, give Me your heart!


What is the heart? Do you remember the devotional on the two tablets of the human heart? If not, please review it here(link)


Who or what has your heart? We all gave Jesus our hearts at salvation, but He wonders who has our hearts today! What controls you? Who controls your emotions? Keeping any bitterness? Or is someone causing fear in you? What has dominated your thoughts today? Give the Lord your heart!


uttAsk the Spirit to help you take your heart from anyone or anyplace that has kept it and give it to Christ!

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