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Understanding divine visitations

And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the Garden in the cool of the day:…. (Genesis 3:8 KJV)

A divine visitation in simple words is when God brings us into a practical encounter with His presence and/or power. The earliest recorded divine visitation was in the Garden of Eden when the Lord visited Adam in the cool of the day as noted in the verse above. It states that Adam and Eve heard the sound of the LORD walking in the Garden. It was a definite encounter, meaning, God was not in the Garden in that way before that time. There was a definite time when He met them in that manner. This is divine visitation.

Divine visitations are always for a purpose. God visits His people for a reason. He visited Israel in Egypt to deliver them from bondage. He visited the Jews in Babylon to end the captivity. He has visited and will visit some of us to give us instructions about His plans and purposes for our lives and the ministries He has called us into. However, one of the major reasons He visits is found in Gen. 3:8 above.

The LORD visited Adam and Eve in the Garden not to tell them about their ministries, etc. He came to talk with them, know what exciting thing they had discovered during the day, found out(though He knows) how their day has been, or where Adam took Eve to in the Garden for a love walk etc. In other words, He came to have fellowship with them. Remember, the Father’s greatest desire is not to USE YOU, but to be in fellowship with you. Never fall into the snare of putting working for God above your intimacy with Him.


What is divine visitations in your own words as described above? What are some of the reasons why God visits His people?


Desire encounters with God. I just shared with you the power of spiritual hunger. Desire to be with Him. Desire encounters with His presence and power. I will be sharing in tomorrow’s devotional three ways God visits you!


Tell the Father you are just hungry and thirsty for higher dimensions of encounters with His presence and power. 

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Linda Casraiss
Linda Casraiss
1 year ago

I truly love this. I just had a Podcast 2 weeks ago on HEAVENLY VISITATIONS. Myself and my guests have had them and we shared as many as we were led during that broadcast. Thanks again. Linda

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