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Your faith should not fail

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren (Luke 22:32, KJV)

Jesus prayed for Peter that his faith would not fail. He had just told him in the preceding verse that Satan had desired to shift Peter like wheat, removing everything of value and leaving his life with nothing other than the chaff. Jesus responded in prayer for Peter. Jesus did not care about Satan’s power or tricks. His focus was on Peter’s faith. He knew if Peter’s faith stood firm, Satan would not have a chance, but if his faith fails, Peter will crumble like a collapsing building.

What does it mean for our faith to fail? Can faith fail? The truth is that faith itself cannot fail because it is based on God’s ability. However, notice Jesus did not say “faith” but “thy faith”. Elsewhere Jesus described the disciple’s faith as weak or little. Your faith can fail, just as it can be little or great. It is not just faith but your faith—your own faith, not your pastor’s or parent’s faith. 

Let me use a medical example to explain to you faith failure here. Take for example, what doctors call “heart failure”. It means the heart is unable to do what it is supposed to do. When the heart fails to perform its function, we say it has failed. The same is true of faith. When our faith fails to do what it is supposed to do, it has failed. In Peter’s case, when Satan attacked him and he denied Christ three  times,was certainly in emotional turmoil and would have given up, his faith in Christ’s love, acceptance and forgiveness did not fail. He bounced back, contrary to what Satan wanted. His faith did not fail, just as the Master had prayed.

Remember that Peter’s faith had failed before. He walked on water and when doubt stepped in, his faith got choked and it failed. Peter began sinking and would have died in Jesus’ presence. How many of you have also had your share of faith failure? You believed or thought you did, and it failed to deliver. Or like Peter, you believed and began seeing the miracle but when pressure mounted, your faith got choked, and it failed.

Jesus has taught us that we can pray for our faith not to fail. You can pray for another brother or sister going through a hard time that their faith will not fail. There is no reason why you should not pray for yourself that your faith will not fail. Satan’s tricks are the same. He will tell you, just as he probably told Peter that after such a tragedy, Jesus would not accept him. As  Peter seeing the waves, Satan will bring opposition, mockery, rejection, hardship, etc. to shake you off from believing that God is with you and taking care of you. His tricks have not changed because they work so well on human beings. Do not allow anything to quench the fire of your faith. Be violent in your faith and stand your ground because Satan is truly afraid of your faith and he wants to kill it first so that he can kill other things in your life. If your faith stands its ground, as a shield, it will keep Satan away. I pray that your faith will not fail in that difficulty, challenge, or hardship you are going through right now.


When was the last time you experienced a faith failure? What is the difference between your faith failing and faith failing? Can true faith fail?


Do not be discouraged. Do not lose heart. Do not allow anything to chokes your faith. Stand your ground on the Word, and the victory will be yours.


Pray right now for yourself that your faith will not fail, and also for other believers. 

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