But when Peter saw the Wind Boisterous, He was Afraid

But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me  (Matthew 14:30 KJV)

Peter walked on water by faith and then began drowning because of doubt. This story is a recount of how faith and doubt work in our lives. It is one of the most important practical lessons every single believer should understand regarding faith.

Peter walked on water — he did what he saw Jesus doing. Then the sea waves approached them. Both Jesus and Peter saw the waves. Peter sank beneath the waters, Jesus remained standing on the sea. Why did Peter fall while Jesus remained standing? Both of them saw the waves, so neither the waves nor the sight of the waves made Peter sink. Instead, the response of Peter’s heart to what he saw instantly deactivated the power of God and left him by himself.

Peter’s experience reoccurs daily in our days; I dare say every minute, with so many believers worldwide. It is the same devil and system we are dealing with, so the pattern of attacks is identical. We believe in God, then comes the bad news from someone. Or the pain in our body increases a million times the moment we start believing in healing. Irrespective of the specific form these attacks take, they have one purpose: to make our hearts afraid and so deactivate God’s power just when we need it most. So we lose miracles every day and sometimes do not even know something(a miracle) has been stolen from us.

If Satan can do anything to cause our hearts to cringe in fear, he will steal our miracles day after day. Beware of boisterous winds in life that are blowing at you.


Please take a moment to ponder the Matt 14:30 above, considering this devotional. How do you respond when things occur contrary to what God has told you? 

Apply the Word

Has Satan scared you from your miracle already? Peter dealt with boisterous waves on the sea — what are you dealing with? Catch this revelation and see your faith in life become stronger.

Ask the Father to help you stand firm against boisterous winds in life.

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