A prayer that your faith will not fail

But I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” (Lk. 22:32 NAS)

Jesus said the words above to Peter, that “I have prayed for you”. The next part tells us the content of Jesus’ prayer for Peter-“that your faith may not fail”.   It is worth mentioning here at the outset that faith in itself never fails, just like love. But when our faith is hindered to produce the results it is meant to produce, it is said to “fail”.

The verse before the above verse gives us a sober  revelation of what the enemy was preparing for Peter.”Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat..” (Lk. 22:31 NAS). Did you see that? Satan requested permission to sift Peter like wheat! Jesus responded in prayer for Peter. Thank God the scriptures say He is still interceding for us today, and the Spirit is also praying for us. The specific satanic attack Jesus was referring to was the temptation to deny Jesus. That incident in itself had the capacity to fragment Peter’s faith in Christ. It was not some overt demonic attack as we would probably imagine today. Satan attacked Peter’s faith by using his weakness and failure. He made Peter fail in such a way that he would not be able to trust God again for restoration. Jesus prayed. Satan failed. Peter was restored.

Jesus is still interceding for you today, that no circumstance you are facing or going to face will cause your faith to fail.  There is a reason Satan comes after your faith, because if it fails, everything else crumbles. Keep fighting the good fight of faith.


Meditate on the verses above in light of today’s devotional. Are you conscious of the truth that Jesus is interceding for you today? Take a moment and intentionally think about it.


Thank Jesus for praying incessantly for you. Ask the Father also in prayer for yourself and those around you, that no matter what they are going through, their faith will not fail.


Is there something that is making you feel like “giving up” your faith?  Make a resolution within yourself today, that no matter what happens, you will never disbelieve God.This is Jesus prayer for you.

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  1. This scripture and devotional is so appropriate for the things people are going through today. I’m so glad you took the time to write it when you did. Now four years later it’s still helping people know that no matter what; Jesus has prayed for them and is still interceding on their behalf. Thank you again. I hope you keep sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ

  2. Anytime I read this scripture passage, it reveals that Jesus already had foreknowledge that Peter was going to deny Him out of timidity, but the responsibility as the leader of the disciples/apostles has been entrusted to Peter and would continue even after the denial.

    The faith of Peter/Petrine Ministry to tend, keep, and feed the Church which is the body of Christ and the vineyard whose Master/Head is Jesus, has been strengthened, and the grace to keep the sheepfold (Church) One, Holy, Universal, and Apostolic till the second coming of Jesus Christ, who will come for His bride, the Church without spot nor wrinkle, has been supplied.

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