What Does En-Hakkore Mean in the Bible?

And God split open the hollow place that is at Lehi, and water came out from it. And when he drank, chis spirit returned, and he revived. Therefore the name of it was called En-hakkore; it is at Lehi to this day (Jdg. 15:19 ESV)

Samson, Israel’s Judge with superhuman physical strength,  defeated an entire host of Philistine’s army. However, after this miraculous victory, he was so thirsty that he was literally dying because of lack of water. He cried out to the Lord  and said:

“You have granted this great salvation by the hand of your servant, and shall I now die of thirst and fall into the hands of the uncircumcised?” (Jdg. 15:18 ESV)

The Lord responded to Samson’s cry and  “split open the hollow place that is at Lehi, and water came out from it”(Jdg. 15:19 ESV). Samson drank from the spring and was revived and the name of the spring was named  En-Hakkore, which means “spring of the caller.” It was a double miracle for Samson. The victory, and the supernatural supply of water.

The LORD, the God of En-Hakkore,  is still alive and well. Samson was almost dying of thirst. Yours might not be thirst. It might be that tight corner you find yourself with no apparent way out. It might be that you are so wearied with the ever-increasing pressures that seem to be chocking life out of you. Or it could be your finances, health, family, etc. The LORD, who supernaturally supplied Samson’s need and so refreshed him that the spring was given a name, will also meet you in a manner that will be so memorable you will have a song or even a name for the place!

Be encouraged. The future is bright with the LORD. Hold on to His Word, against all the odds, and He will turn your captivity around like those that are dreaming! ( Ps. 126:1)


Had God done similar miracles before, in supernaturally providing the natural needs of His people?


Israel had manna for 40 years in the desert without Bakeries. Water came out of the rock for them to drink. Ravens fed Elijah. The list continues of God by-passing natural principles whenever needed to supply the needs of His people. This should make you double sure that even if there are no bakeries in the desert, God is still able to provide manna! 


Thank the Lord for His supernatural provisions to meet every need that we have. 

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