The Father’s Appointed Time to Enjoy Our Inheritance

But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the Father (Galatians 4:2 KJV)

As children of God and members of the Church, we have been blessed with a vast inheritance in Christ. Yet, as Galatians 4:2 reveals, we cannot grasp this inheritance until the time set by our Heavenly Father. Paul likens this spiritual mystery to an earthly child waiting for a predetermined time to access his inheritance.

Imagine a billionaire’s child, a vast fortune awaiting him. However, the father’s will stipulates that caretakers manage this fortune until the child turns 18. The child lives under their governance without direct access to wealth.

In a similar vein, upon accepting Christ, we gain an inheritance that encompasses all of the blessings in Christ—spiritual and physical. Yet, God sets a prerequisite for us while we live on earth: we will remain under spiritual governance until the Father’s appointed time arrives. This is not a calendar date but a moment of spiritual maturity. Until the believer reaches this level of spiritual maturity(the maturity time), they cannot fully partake in the blessings of Christ meant to be enjoyed now.

For example, until we die to ourselves (surrender), we will not bear spiritual fruit or see results in the Spirit. There is no power or glory for those still walking in the flesh or living in sin (babes in Christ). Furthermore, we pay a hefty price for remaining immature in Christ—emptiness, daily defeat, spiritual struggles, and more. In contrast, maturity in the Spirit lifts us above the laws of sin and death, enabling us to reign in life( Romans 8:1).


Reflect on Galatians 4:2, dissecting it word by word, phrase by phrase. How does it resonate with you?

Apply the Word

Are spiritual immaturity limitations holding you back? Consider how different your life would look if God’s power and wisdom flowed through you. Pursue spiritual maturity, and seize your inheritance.


Ask the Spirit for guidance on your journey to spiritual maturity.

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