Under Tutors and Governors Until the Time Set by the Father

Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all;But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father  (Galatians 4:2, KJV)

A child who is the heir of the father owns everything that belongs to the father and is expected to take control of his or her possessions in the passing away of the father. Imagine you are the child of the richest man in the world, and businesses, investments and cash worth billions of dollars are put in your name by your father in his will. However, there is a clause in that will. It says you can only take control of that wealth when you reach 21 years of age.  Until then,  your father has given the rights of guardianship to someone to tutor and provide for your needs until that age. This is what the Apostle was referring to in the verse above.

He says though you are the owner of everything in that business empire, you will be living as one of the servants in the house, meaning without the full rights of ownership. The difference is the time appointed by the father. This is our dilemma in the Church. The Lord has willed the world to us. He says all things are ours, spiritual or natural blessings. We know healing is ours. Prosperity is ours. etc.   But there is a problem. The elements of the world still buffet us. The Church is as sick as the world without a difference. The world right now is wealthier than the Church.  We are like princes walking on our feet while servants ride on horses. Why? The time appointed by the Father. When is this time due?

You may be tempted to think it is a particular year or chronological time. No. The time the Father has set for us to enjoy the full EARTHLY  inheritance including provisions and healing is not some future time or date. It is a maturity time. It is merely when we reach maturity, the fullness of Christlikeness, whether now or in 1000 years to come. As a body, there will be no difference between us and the world until the time appointed by the Father where we move from being children in the faith to become sons(mature, whether male or female). And this can be an individual issue also. There are things are harassing you right now that will suddenly stop when you grow in the faith. There are believers right now who have grown in the faith and are enjoying their inheritance in the things about this life here and now. 

The majority of the believers is nothing other than infants, running after breakthroughs here and there and feeding on milk. The Spirit is yearning to see us grow up into the fullness of Christlikeness. He sees our cries for miracles and breakthroughs. He knows what we need the most is not a miracle. It is to reach the time appointed by the Father, and suddenly take charge of life itself. May the Lord stir up your spirit to yearn to grow and be established in the faith.


What is the time appointed by the Father in the verse above? Has God set a year, such as 2050, for you to be healed, delivered or enjoy what Christ paid for you?


Your blessing in this life is in the fullness of Christlikeness in you. Do all you can to grow and become established in the faith.


Ask the Father to help you grow in the faith every single day.  

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