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The Three Components of Blessings or Curses

And God said unto Balaam, Thou shalt not go with them; thou shalt not curse the people: for they are blessed (Numbers 22:12 KJV)

Though blessings and curses differ as light contrasts with darkness, they have a remarkable similarity in how they operate. I will describe three essential operational components common to blessings and curses—verbal pronouncement, spiritual power, and natural effects. 

In Numbers 22, the distressed Moabite king Balak sent messengers to hire prophet Balaam to curse the  Israelites. The Lord told Balaam not to curse Israel because they are blessed. This story reveals how blessings and curses fundamentally work.

First, a blessing or curse begins with a verbal pronouncement. Balak’s wanted Balaam to utter words against the nation of Israel, which would negatively affect them and make them susceptible to destruction. Both blessings and curses begin with verbal pronouncements, either of wellbeing, happiness, and goodness to release blessings or of misery, suffering, and unhappiness to unleash curses. 

Verbal pronouncements activate spiritual powers to bring to pass whatever has been declared. This is the critical invisible component of blessings or curses. Balak hired Balaam because he knew Balaam had the supernatural ability to release spiritual power to alter the course of natural events. When witches attempt to curse someone, they also speak words that activate demonic forces to influence that individual.

The final principal component of blessings or curses is the natural effects apparent to everyone. These visible effects are the manifestations of invisible spiritual powers constraining a person’s life to be inclined towards welfare or misery in the affairs of everyday life.

Thankful, we are already blessed in Christ—God has spoken well about us, and there is a supernatural power over our lives to activate and release God’s goodness and blessings.

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What are the three components of blessings or curses described above? 

How do blessings differ from curses in each of these three parts?

Apply the Word

God told Balaam not to curse Israel because they are blessed. Well, since you are blessed in Christ, you can only be cursed if you allow it to happen. Enforce God’s blessings and reject any curses over your life!


Ask the Father to help you activate His blessings and annul every evil pronouncement over your life.

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