Satan exposed: by the light of the Word

But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible (Ephesians 5:13 ESV)

Thou wilt light my candle showing a candle in the dark

When I was growing up in the faith, I was always curious to learn more about the underworld from believers who were in occultism before being saved and were “exposing the underworld”. Yes, some believers today have been involved in occultism before salvation, whose testimonies and stories could shed some light on demonic activities. However, we MUST never base our doctrine and faith on such testimonies. I mean what I just said : NEVER! Beware of men (Matthew 10:17).

In Ephesians 5:13 above, Paul says anything that becomes exposed by the light becomes visible. The most significant light to expose Satan’s operations in our lives is the WORD of God. The more I study spiritual warfare in the scriptures, the more I realize the scriptures have volumes to say about Satan and demons than many of us realize. And part of the problem is that we often ignore what God has said about how Satan operates in our lives.

I am astonished at the things I see in the scriptures regarding how Satan works, which I honestly never heard of while growing up in the faith. We need the light of God’s Word to expose Satan to us. Do not spend your Christian life fighting a ” spiritual warfare Satan” we have created in our religious imaginations or traditions. I put before you a challenge today: please dig into the Word and pay attention to what God has said about Satan and how he operates in your life. 


How does God’s Word function as light? (Psalms 119:105).


Until we get back to the Word and begin paying attention to what God has said, and not what we think or have been doing, we will not have victory over Satan. Can you be bold enough to confront your beliefs and practices on spiritual warfare by what is written in the Bible? Do not read a book. Do not listen to a sermon on spiritual warfare. Roll your sleeves and get into the Word to expose Satan. A topical Bible study is very simple to do. Visit for a free lesson on how to do this if you need to.


Ask the Father to help you walk in the light of His Word as you engage in spiritual warfare. 

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