How the prince of the power of the air operates

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2, KJV)

The description “prince of the power of the air” clearly refers to Satan, who is also called the “god of this world”. An ancient Eastern tradition in Paul’s days held that demons and evil spirits lived in the air. The Apostle uses this tradition at the time to communicate the truth that Satan is the prince or the ruler of the entire host of demonic powers that rule over the world. Eph. 6:12 clearly identifies echelons of demonic authorities that are in the “heavenly places”.

A few questions arise: how does this prince of the power of the air operate? How can I be free from his rule and control? In our classic mindset of spiritual warfare, we imagine demons in the air, attacking people in different ways, oppressing some, possessing others, etc. We will jump into praying with binding and casting to “dethrone” these powers in the air. Yes, and yes. There is nothing wrong or incorrect in what I just said. Yes, spirits oppress and possess people, and we can respond in binding and casting. However, and I pray you get this completely, the majority of Satan’s work on human beings is not in these things. I sincerely believe the Church is being distracted tremendously as to the full demonic activity in our lives by training believers to think of Satan or demons only concerning such activities. 

A classic example is the common interpretation of “pulling down strongholds” in 2 Cor. 10:4. An average Christian has been taught that these strongholds are demons that control people’s lives or places, and so they get into all sorts of warfare to bring down these strongholds. These strongholds in 2 Cor. 10:4 are not demons but simply the way people think. This is what I mean when I write that we are being distracted from Satan’s activities in our lives by an overemphasis on demonic oppressions or possession or binding and casting.

If you read Eph. 2:1-3, the context of our scripture, you find a similar pattern. The prince of the power of the air is not used here to refer to some demonic powers occupying cities, possessing people, oppressing people etc. Their activity in this context is in the working of the flesh, that is, following the selfish cravings of the sinful fleshly nature. What? What does Satan have to do with the flesh? He is described as the father of the “children of disobedience.” Walking in the flesh is living in Satan’s house, under his roof, and willingly submitting your life for him to use. I know many of you will not see spiritual warfare in this, and that is our problem in Church, as I have mentioned above. May the Lord open our eyes to fully understand how this prince of darkness is ruling and even reigning over our lives. 

I will be teaching on this important truth during our live Bible Study this night. As always, you can always find the recordings in


What is the key characteristics of a prince? Why is Satan called a prince? Who are his subjects? See Eph. 2:3.


May your eyes be opened to know the methods Satan uses to work in our lives and to keep him out. Walking in the Spirit, always and in every way, is our way of escape from the corruption of the world ruled by Satan.


Ask the Lord to give you an understanding of how Satan works in your life. 

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  1. This composes what is called v2k technology as well, meaning voice to skull or using wireless technology to invade peoples ears and send artificial telepathy to them.
    Frey’s Effect is a true Phenomenon and was found out in the 1960s. Once a person’s head is irradiated enough you can say or send sound long distances and they can hear it. Meaning cell phones and cell towers use microwaves and satellites can target a person’s head with microwaves and if done long enough they can torment them and even kill them eventually.
    Some call this remote neural monitoring and I’ve found it to be true even though I’m not involved in anything or I’m considered waste or something not sure but that’s being done now with this 5g crap. 5g began from what I understand just last year in Sept or Oct, and just about that time, I began hearing crap in my left ear. I’ve constantly tried to deny
    it’s existence because of extenuating circumstances surrounding my personal experiances.
    But it tells me all the time almost clearly that’s it’s a signal or other things.
    I know the brain can do a lot of things but don’t think it can do this so…
    I” ve read about what’s called the voice of God etc. I think it’s been used in Iraq and other places. Remember what happened in Cuba this would be along those lines.

    1. Hi AP Hill. These things as you describe are possible. However, this article is not referring to the technology you describe above.
      This dvotional describes the spirtual influences of Satan and demonic spirits through the fallen human nature called the flesh. Our interest is exclusively on what the Bible teaches and we do not get into the topics above. You will find many resources to help you to know Jesus, be free from any demonic oppression, build your relationship with Him and enjoy a helathy relationship with God on our website.

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