The True Seed for all-Round prosperity

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. (3 Jn. 1:2 NAS)

God has ordained the seed-harvest principle to govern both the natural and spiritual world. The most basic application is seen in farming. If you want apples, plant an apple seed in the ground and it will grow and produce apples for you. Every harvest is preceded by a seed. The scripture above teaches us God’s clearly expressed will, which is prosperity in our circumstances, health, and spiritual life. Prosperity, including financial, is a harvest. It is preceded by a seed.

The traditional prosperity teaching has told us that money is the major seed to activate prosperity. This is an incomplete truth. It is true, because, money in your hand is a seed that you can give, as God’s Word commands, to activate a harvest. The complete truth is that there is something that makes giving work. If “that something” is absent in your life, giving is empty and will produce no harvest.

The real seed, a super seed, that makes other seeds work is the Word of God that brings the blessing of God. Jesus said, “the seed is the word of God” (Lk. 8:11). It is God’s Word at work in us that activates the blessing and makes giving work. That blessing is found in the Word. When God’s Word takes a hold of your heart and your actions, whatever you do carries the blessing. When you sow a financial seed, it is tremendously multiplied.

Giving is not a spiritual jackpot. It must be rooted on a solid relationship with God and His Word. When God’s Word takes a hold of us, we start DOING what it says, including the command to give. This same principle works in every other harvest we are looking for in life. Start sowing God’s super seed in your heart constantly by getting His Word into your spirit and committing yourself to being a DOER of what it says.


Has God’s Word taken a hold of your heart and actions yet?


Thank the Lord for giving us His Super Seed. Now ask Him to help you  to plant that seed and water it to grow tall in every aspect of your life.


You can give by the Word or by religion. In the eyes of men, they might be the same, but not so in God’s eyes. God wants us to respond to His Word, and not just act in a mechanical manner. This is what faith is. It is a Word-response that activates the blessing to cause a multiplication for harvest. Learn to respond to the Word by acting on what God has said. This is the Super Seed in action. What harvest are you looking for? Have you planted any seeds?

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