What is the Power to Get Wealth?

But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth…(Deut. 8:18 KJV)

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The power to get wealth in Deut. 8:18  is the physical and mental strength supernaturally imparted by God for acquiring riches. This devotional closely examines what this power is and how it differs from other expressions of God’s power in our lives.

The power to get riches is not miracle-working power. The Hebrew koach used for power here could refer to force, miracle-working power, ability, or strength. Moses used koach  in this verse to refer to the physical and mental capacity of the Israelites for creating wealth. So this power to get wealth was the physical strength to work and the mental faculty to think of ways to make money( ideas); it was not some miraculous power to command money to fall from heaven. 

God supernaturally imparted this ability to get wealth to the Israelites. Therefore God gave them this power by giving them both the physical fitness and the ideas in their minds to make money. There was nothing dramatic or spectacular about this gift. It was as normal as any normal human ability. In fact, in the verse preceding( Duet. 8:17), the Lord warned them not to say in their hearts that this ability working in them is their making! Why? Because nothing was spectacular or dramatic about it, just as the ideas God has already given some of you!

In conclusion, the power to get wealth is the supernaturally imparted physical and mental ability to create riches( or make money in today’s terms). 

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What did Israel do for God to give them the power to get wealth? What did they have to continue doing for that power to continue to work in them?

Though God could have performed miracles to rain money for the Israelites in the desert or the promised land, He prospered Israel financially through the blessing on their lives and their land. It is crucial for us to firmly understand how the blessing of God operates in our lives and align ourselves with its principles.

Thank the Lord for the blessing you already have in Christ.

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