This People I have Formed for Myself

God has a remarkable destiny for us in Christ. He disclosed this to the Prophet Isaiah, saying He will form a people to manifest His praise. What does this passage mean?

The Lord affirms He will form or create a people for Himself. The term “formed” mirrors the Hebrew word in Genesis 2:7, which states, “The Lord formed man from the dust.” The term “formed” suggests a divine act of recreating humanity. The New Testament reinforces this idea when Paul proclaims, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”. This isn’t just a changed or transformed life; it’s the creation of a new being.

These new creatures have a purpose: to shew forth His praise. Remember Peter’s reference to a chosen generation, royal priesthood, called to shew forth God’s praises (1 Peter 2:9). But what does “shewing forth” God’s praise entail? It’s more than saying, “I praise You, Lord.” Essentially, it means God’s intangible attributes—Character, beauty, and virtues—become visible in these new beings.

For instance, to grasp God’s boundless love, we need only observe the love of this new creation. To fathom His might, witness the power these beings embody. Looking at a child of God, you glimpse God’s true nature. Imagine the totality of God’s being fully manifested in His people, such that anyone who meets or sees the believer has met with God. Jesus exemplified this—God incarnate. The believer in Christ is destined to be the full expression of the person of God. He formed us for this purpose.  What a profound destiny for every believer! There is a glorious heavenly calling upon your life. 


Ponder Isaiah 43:21 deeply. Then mutter those words, repeatedly say them to yourself, and let them sink into your spirit.

Apply the Word

Embrace your identity in Christ. You’ve been recreated. Your mission is to be God’s tangible reflection—in your home, community, nation, and beyond.


Give thanks to the Father for the incredible inheritance we have through Christ.

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