One spirit with the Lord

But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17, KJV)

There are certain truths in the scripture that make our hearts tinkle and tremble in awe as we fully understand what they are saying. 1 Cor. 6:17 above is one of such verses. It says whoever is joined or united with the Lord becomes one spirit with Him. This is a mystery of mysteries of our identity in Christ. 

Every human being has just one spirit, which is the life of the soul and the body. When a person receives Christ, his or her human spirit is born again, meaning a brand new spirit is created by God. If God had stopped here, the new creation would not have been different from Adam, the first man before the fall. However, something else happens. The Holy Spirit immerses Himself in this new human spirit to become one spirit. The Spirit does not replace the human spirit. Furthermore, He does not exist and live alongside the human spirit, in which case, there will be two spirits in us, no longer one. But there is just one spirit in us.

This spirit, our human spirit, has become united as one spirit with the Holy Spirit. It means the new human spirit now shares fully in everything the Holy Spirit is. Similarly, the Spirit now shares in the human spirit, which enables Him to live in a body as a human being. This new born again spirit is not a human spirit,neither is it the Holy Spirit. It is the human spirit and the Holy Spirit existing and living as one!

That means all the operations of the human spirit in a believer are really the operations of the Holy Spirit. It means the life that is being imparted to your body and your soul is not just human life but God’s life. You have been made a partaker of the divine nature! Be conscious of this unity. Because of the oneness with the Holy Spirit, you can think God’s thoughts or feel His joy. You can experience God’s life in your soul and body!


What are some of the implications of the Holy Spirit becoming one with our born again human spirit? 


A revelation of this truth with an unwavering belief in its reality will certainly change your life. Give it some time. Meditate and meditate upon it until it becomes yours.


Thank the Father for such a glorious inheritance in Christ. 

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