How to Meditate on the Word

This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night… (Jos. 1:8, KJV)

meditate on the word

Meditating on the Word of God is a crucial skill that allows God’s Word to take deep roots in our hearts. Since it is a skill, you can learn and grow in it. Your spiritual life will take an upward trajectory once you discover meditation and pay attention to it. So, how do we meditate on the Word of God?

Meditation involves two activities: thinking and speaking. It usually begins with the thinking part and then progresses to talking. Our modern culture knows about the thinking part but not so much about speaking. However, it is essential to embrace both the thinking and the speaking of the Word during meditation.

The first step of meditation is thinking about the Word of God. Generally, when we think, we focus our minds on one thought or something; we cause our minds to spend time on something. And whatever we are thinking about is what is on our minds. Meditation is focusing your mind on the Word of God—it unleashes the power of the Spirit in our hearts for transformation and empowerment. 

But meditation also involves focusing the mouth on the Word. The keywords are the same: focus and time. When we meditate, we speak to ourselves rather than to others—this is the strange part. However, speaking God’s Word repeatedly to ourselves is a critical aspect of meditation. The Hebrew word for meditating in Joshua 1:8 above means to mutter, growl or speak in an undertone. Start giving the Word time in your mouth to speak forth mysteries into your life for transformation and empowerment. 

So meditating in the Word of God is dedicating time for the Word in your mind and mouth.  It can take place anytime—including Bible reading or studying.

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Please take a moment now to meditate on Joshua 1:8 above.

Apply the Word

Reading the Bible is not the same as meditation. Meditation is an intentional effort to cause your mind and mouth to stay on the word for some time. Take meditation seriously, and grow in it.


Ask the Father to help you grow in meditation. 

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