God’s Word lives in your spirit

Thy word have I hid in mine heart.. (Ps. 119:11 KJV)

God’s Word is His power to change our circumstances. His Word contains His life, wisdom, and power to us.  It will give you the wisdom to manage your business, make decisions at your job, run your family, etc. It is His power to deliver you from demonic oppression, bring healing to your body and flood your life with heavenly peace and joy.

We use Tylenol (paracetamol) for pain because the pill contains a chemical which is pharmacologically active. That means when we take this pill into our body, it will release the active ingredient which will cause a change and produce the effect of pain relief. God’s Word has His life, power, and wisdom in it. If you take His word into your heart, it will release this spiritual life that will produce a change in your life.

For God’s Word to work, it must be taken into your heart, where it dwells. As Tylenol does not release its power until it is swallowed and taken into the body, so God’s Word will remain powerless until you take it into your spirit. Many of us think that reading God’s Word is synonymous with taking it in. That is not true. One of the reasons why  God’s Word is not producing the results in our lives is because we have taken most of what we know from His Word into our heads and not into our hearts. If you take God’s Word into your head, like you take knowledge in a biology class or what you read in a newspaper, it will educate and inform your mind.  You might teach it or memorize it but will not have any power to effect changes. It is the Word taken into your spirit that transforms you because it will unleash God’s life, wisdom, and power within you. That is why you must be diligent in your study of God’s Word.  That is the purpose of meditation. It is the process par excellence of allowing the Spirit of God to drive the Word from your head into your spirit. When it enters in, your spirit takes a hold of it and you enjoy that excitement and joy that comes with revelation. You know something has entered your heart! Do not leave a scripture until you have “squeezed” the life of God into your spirit.


The Word in your  mind and mouth (1 Tim 4:15; Josh 1: 8)

Meditate on the scripture above!


Water the Seed (word) to grow. Invite the Spirit’s strength! (Isa 32:15; Zach 4:6)

 Ask the Spirit of God to help you have an open heart to receive His Word.


Your door to a blessed life today is doing God’s Word. Refuse to be a hearer or reader only! (James 1:22-26)

Develop a culture of “squeezing the life out of the scriptures”. Do not be hasty or rushed. You are not in competition with anyone. It is the Word in your heart( spirit) that matters. It is better to spend weeks on a scripture until it enters our spirits than rush over a million verses that fill our heads. This does not discount the place of reading through the Bible-it is a completely different thing and has a well-grounded place. When it comes to daily feeding on the Word, make sure it gets into your spirit. If you are struggling with an issue in your health, get the Word of addressing that issue into your spirit!

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