The Glorious Multipurpose Operations of the Word

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.1 Corinthians 3:6 KJV

You have heard me probably said over and over again that you need only one thing to flourish spiritually and naturally like a palm tree by a stream of water.  That is the Word. Jesus said “one thing is needful” ( Luke 10:42). In one of our Live Bible Study sessions last year, I explained why Jesus did not say “two things are needful, the Holy Spirit and the Word”. He said one. It is because the Spirit operates in the Word!

God’s Word is one thing that is enough in itself to meet all human needs. It is a mystery, and it glorious to behold. The verse above gives us a glimpse of the multipurpose operations of the Word in our lives. The Apostle  Paul said he planted, while Apollos watered. He was referring to the Corinthian figuratively as a garden.  He planted the seeds in the Garden, and Apollos watered those seeds to grow.

What did Paul plant? He planted the seed of the Word that laid the foundation of Jesus in the lives of the Corinthian brethren. The Word was the Seed. After the seed was planted, the next phase was watering for it to grow. Paul says Apollos watered. Well, how did Apollos water the seed that Paul planted? You might be tempted to think it was by prayer, as we think customarily. No! Apollos came to Corinth and continued preaching the Word that helped established the Corinthian brethren. The same Word that functioned as a Seed was now operating as Water to cause the plants to grow!! It is one Word, multiple functions and meeting various needs. This is only a tiny fraction of the operations of the Word.

This is the reason you will find the scriptures using multiple symbols to describe the Word such as seed, water, bread, honey, meat, sword, hammer, rod, fire, etc. This is God telling us that His Word is able to meet every need at every stage of your life! This is the reason why you cannot fail as a believer. You have His Word!


I want you to think about the imagery the Apostle Paul used above. Think about him planting and Apollos coming later to water, and see the Word operating in both phases.


If you are a  new believer, the Word has milk for you to drink and grow. If you are a mature Christian, the Word has solid food for you to feed on. If you are a minister, the Word has seed to give you as a sower to sow into the lives of believers. If you are sick, His Word is medication from heaven. If you are depressed, His Word is the true “happy pill”  that will unleash joy in your heart. The examples continue. One Word, multiple operations. Your most significant investment in life that impacts your overall success in life will be your investment in God’s Word. That is what the Holy Spirit is waiting for!


Ask the Lord to help you plant the seed of the Word and water it until it takes a firm hold of your life!

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