Meditation and your spiritual life 

I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings (Psalms 77:12 KJV) 

able to do above all we ask or think showing a man holding the image of a light bulb

Meditation can be compared to the process of eating food and assimilating it to become one with our body. It is the process by which your heart feeds on the Word of God, takes it in, and melds to become one with it. 

In The OT culture, the Jews knew two significant aspects of meditation as revealed above. It was thinking and speaking the Word of God. The first part of meditation is having the mind focus, brood, and roll over the Word of God. Something happens to your heart whenever your mind is FIXATED on the Word of God. The more this happens, the better it is for you. The second part of meditation is speaking the Word. This is not teaching or preaching. It is talking to yourself. This is the strangest aspect of meditation which many of us today will find weird and uncomfortable. Meditation is speaking the words of God with our mouths again and again, just as our mind rolls over it repeatedly. 

I encourage you to make meditation a part of your life.


Take a moment and meditate on Psalms 77:12 above.


Make meditating on the Word of God a part of your life.

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