Let the Words of My Mouth

Let the words of my mouth, And the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer  (Psalm 19:14, KJV)

The verse above lays the foundation for a practical fellowship with the  Father and Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  The word “acceptable” here means “pleasing.” He is using the analogy of a sacrifice that is offered as  an offering that is pleasing to God.   The  “words of my mouth”  and  the “meditation of my heart” are the sacrifices that the psalmist wants to offer to God. However, let me draw your attention to the treasures of building a practical fellowship or communion with God revealed in this verse.

There are two critical aspects of fellowshipping with anyone. They are togetherness and communication. God’s presence is already inside of us by His Spirit. We only have to become conscious  and cooperate with that presence.  The second important component is learning to talk to God continually, outside of your prayer closet. The verse above shows us two methods of talking with God. The first is with the mouth and the second is with the heart. What are the meditations of the heart? They are merely the words of your heart that are not spoken out loud! Your thoughts are unspoken words! I want you to pause here and say “thank you Lord” in your heart without opening your mouth. Did you do that? You have just fulfilled the scripture above, offering the meditations of your heart as a pleasant sacrifice( Thanksgiving) to God.

You can learn to talk to God like this in your heart, anywhere and anytime. Your heart is a communion table between you and the Spirit of God.  This simple practice will change your life forever as you enter into a higher phase of practical fellowshipping with the Spirit continually.


Would you say the meditations of our hearts are essential to God from the verse above?


God’s Word was not given to us merely to educate our minds or learn some new revelation. He gave the Word so that we can DO IT, and manifest His life. You have read the Word above. What would you do with it? It is simple.  It is not asking you to sow a seed or take a 40 day fast. It exhorts us  to learn to talk with the Spirit of God.  It will take effort on your part, but once you  begin the process, God will enable you. Learn to speak to the Spirit. It may initially appear as though you are always talking to yourself but do not stop. Just keep doing it, and you will grow and be trained in it.


Ask the Lord to help you grow in your fellowship with the Spirit.

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