The Greatest End of Year Thanksgiving Offering

“Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, And pay your vows to the Most High” (Ps. 50:14 NAS).

As the year comes to an end, many will have thanksgiving services in Church where material gifts, including cash, will be brought as an offering to the Lord for the year. These material offerings that express our gratitude to the Lord have a place and are encouraged; however, there is more to thanksgiving.

It is important for us to understand who God is, and what He has made us to be, so that we can fully comprehend the implications of our actions. God is Spirit. He does not use money in heaven, neither does He need food to eat. In the days of the Old Covenant, the Jew ONLY had his material gifts to bring to the Lord. They were not recreated in their spirit to offer unto the Lord true spiritual sacrifices. The greatest thanksgiving offering you can give the Lord as the year comes to a close is a truly thankful heart. It is better than all the money you have in your bank account, specially if it is given with murmuring, complaining, and an ungrateful heart. The greater thing to offer is your heart, but do not neglect to offer a material offering whenever the opportunity arises! Be thankful to the Lord for the year.


Why would God value a thankful heart more than a billion-dollar offering? See Hosea 14:2, Psalms 51:16-17; 50:11-14.


Ask the Lord to help you give unto Him a worthy offering of a thankful heart from this season onward.


Thanksgiving is offered by words (Hosea 14:2). Take a moment to remember the goodness of the Lord to you from January to today; intentionally open your mouth and say “thank you Lord” for this or that!

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