A thankful spirit will change your life

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thessalonians. 5:18 )

For many years, I thought being thankful was simply a spiritual duty we have to God as believers, for the blessings He has given to us. Yes, the Lord deserves our thanksgiving for what He has given to us. But besides this primary reason, thanksgiving has a significant impact on the one who is giving thanks. A grateful spirit is a priceless spiritual treasure. It opens up a man’s spirit to receive from God, and create an atmosphere for a manifestation of the supernatural as much as a bitter, complaining, or unforgiving spirit closes a man’s spirit from receiving from God and even attracts oppression from demonic spirits.

Developing a thankful spirit will change your life! People are repelling their miracles and creating an unfriendly atmosphere for divine interventions without realizing it. There is a pervasive spirit of ingratitude or sense of entitlement especially in the culture that surrounds us. An ingrate does not see any benefit from what others have done and feels as though he or she can make it without them. A sense of entitlement makes us not to appreciate what others are doing for us because we feel we deserve it, it is our right or they owe us that duty.

Make out time today to appreciate the things that God and the people around you have done for you, from very the small to the big ones. Are you grateful for your parents? Siblings? Pastors, friends, and others that have made contributions to your life? See what happens to your life from today if you cultivate a thankful spirit and begin appreciating even the little things that God and the people around you have done, rather see what you do not have or worst still complaint or becoming bitter about how others have not treated you right.

In everything, look for a reason to give God thanks!


Ponder and see yourself being thankful in every situation. Look for a reason to be thankful. Declare that you have a thankful spirit in life.


Ask the Lord to show you the ways you have not been thankful to Him or to others around you. Also, pray that He will open your eyes to begin to see reasons for being thankful


Look for one thing to thank God for today. Intentionally look for a reason to appreciate what someone has done for you today. Make someone else day by texting or calling to say “thank you” for something they did to you which you took for granted. Act on God’s Word, and not sit on it, for it is in acting that the blessing is released.

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