You are the glory of the Lord on earth!

The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky displays his handiwork ( Ps 19:1, NET)

The glory of the Lord, in essence, is the radiance or manifestation of the beauty of God. When God is present somewhere, His presence manifests itself to us here on earth as what we call the glory. It was on the Tabernacle as a cloud called Shekina. It was on Jesus, not as a visible sign, but as the radiance of God’s character and works.

The scripture above tells us that the heavens declare the glory of the Lord. When you look into the skies, the beauties of the heavenly bodies tell us volumes about the wisdom, power, and beauty of God. They reveal God to us. Today, the heavens, or the earth, are no longer the greatest revelation of His glory. You are the greatest revelation of the glory of the Lord on earth today!( 2 Cor 3:18). The Lord is seen and revealed through you, as He was through Jesus, not with some cloud over your head but with His life, power, wisdom, and character shining forth through you. God has designed your life to be the expression of Himself on earth today. If someone wants to see how beautiful God is, they should look at you!

It is not your doing. God has chosen to make you the very revelation of Himself. It is His choice. Be thankful. Be bold and confident about it. It is your inheritance. This is grace.

MEDITATE-the glory of the Lord

Take a moment and ponder upon the scripture above. You, like the heavens, declare the glory of the Lord. Think and mutter this truth.


Thank the Father for such a wonderful blessing. This is what Christ died for.

ACT-the glory of the Lord

The purpose of God’s truth is transformation. If the Word does not change you or your circumstances, it is a wasted seed. You realize your calling now, don’t you? You are called to glory! So your words and actions should always reveal God. Health glorifies God, not sickness. Wealth glorifies God, not poverty. Holiness glorifies God, not sinfulness. Loving others glorifies God, not bitterness and hate. Act on the Word. You are the glory of the Lord-for real!

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