God Remembered Rachel

And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.(Genesis 30:22, KJV)

Does God forget His people? While our human understanding may question this, the scripture provides a profound insight: “God remembered Rachel.” This phrase offers a rich spiritual lesson about God’s timing and intervention.

Consider Rachel’s story. Married for years, she longed for a child. The scripture reveals, “God remembered Rachel,” and she conceived Joseph. This isn’t a narrative of forgetfulness on God’s part; rather, it’s an assurance of His perfect timing. Unlike humans, God doesn’t forget; He knows our struggles and hears our prayers.

The term “God remembered Rachel” signifies a shift in divine activity—the commencement of a season of intervention. It’s similar to Noah’s story in Genesis 8:1, where it says God remembered Noah. This isn’t about recollection of the flood or the Ark but about divine action at the appointed time.

Reflect on your own life. Do you feel overlooked or forgotten by God, especially during challenging times? The Psalmist also felt this way and asked, “Has God forgotten to be gracious? (Psalm 77:9). However, Rachel’s story is a testament that God’s timing is impeccable. He hasn’t forgotten you; He’s preparing you for the right moment of divine intervention.

Here’s a perspective that may challenge some believers: there are steps you can take to highlight your needs before God! Much like the woman with the issue of blood who captured Jesus’ attention through her faith, we, too, are called to approach the throne of grace(Hebrews 4:16) confidently. This is an act of presenting our concerns before Him—so that He will “remember us”!


Consider “remember” in Genesis 30:22. Is it literal or figurative? Understanding this can greatly enrich your Bible study experience and perception of God’s workings. Read more on “the Inductive Bible Study”.

Apply the Word

If you’re in a season of waiting, feeling forgotten like Rachel, hold onto faith. Remember, God’s silence isn’t His absence. Keep believing in His goodness, and persist in prayer, for your season of divine remembrance is at hand.


Ask the Lord to grant us the strength to stand in faith in challenging times.

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