The Battle for Your Prayer Life

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

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As Jesus’ return approaches, Satan is pre-emptively marshaling all his demonic hosts and revamping his diabolical strategies to demolish the church and disrupt God’s plans for humanity. He has his eye sharply focused on one area of our lives that will surprise many—our prayer life.

Are you aware that Satan is carefully watching your private prayer life? If you doubt my words, give praying daily a try and witness hell’s response; the forces of darkness will go to every length to extinguish the flame of your prayers. Sadly, this Satanic scheme to secretly discourage believers from praying is working well enough that Satan has no motivation to discontinue it.

Why is the Prince of Darkness so adamant about disrupting your prayer life? Your prayer is like the umbilical cord that connects you to experience, manifest and demonstrate God’s practical presence and power. No human being can intimidate Satan—Instead, his primary concern is people soaked with God’s presence and power. He is petrified of them and despairs at the trouble they bring him.

Satan will attempt to keep you far from the fire of God’s presence, just like a piece of charcoal no longer near the fire. This is why religion, including the empty formalities of “Christian religion,” is such a treasure to the devil. When people are busy with empty religious practices but are spiritually empty and dry, Satan and his demons have a field day, settling in without threat or disturbance.

However, flames are ignited when people or a church pray and serpents flee the fire (Acts 28:6).

Prayer is a treasure with many adversaries and barriers it must face, making its practice difficult. But you must fight for your prayer life and never succumb to Satan’s schemes.


What does it mean to wrestle in prayer? See this Deshen Daily.

Apply the Word

Who is winning the battle for your prayer life? Is it you, or is it Satan? Remember, you will probably never see a demon or Satan in person. But they will attack you through the distractions, the cares of this life, your body’s cravings for entertainment when it is time to pray, excessive fatigue, excuses, discouragement, etc. Fight the good fight and pray!


Ask the Father for a fresh outpouring of the spirit of prayer. 

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