Ask, Seek and Knock( A.S.K.)

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Matt. 7:7 KJV)

Ask Seek knock image showing a man knocking at the door

Ask, seek and knock, which I abbreviate as A.S.K., is the divine formula to invite God to change the circumstances of our lives. God requires a human invitation because He created us with free will and authority on the earth. As a result, He does not bypass our authority to do whatever He wants in our lives, except we invite Him to do so. A.S.K is, therefore, a human invitation for divine intervention.

Furthermore, there is a gradation of human effort as we move from asking to seeking and then knocking. Asking requires the least effort, for instance, asking God for financial provision for a need. All we do is make a request as children do to their parents. After asking comes seeking which requires a little more effort. Moreover, seeking in this example might involve taking some time to pray about the issue or study the scriptures to know what God says about it. Then comes knocking which requires more than the activities of seeking. In knocking, we persist and defy all oppositions and obstacles until we receive what we desire. It’s an attitude that keeps knocking at the door until it opens.

Finally, the three parts of A.S.K (ask, seek, knock) are practical expressions of two critical biblical principles: prayer and faith. This means we can ask, seek and knock through prayer and faith. As an example, we can ask in prayer, and if no response, we would go further to seek by setting aside more time to pray or fast. If nothing happens, we overcome discouragement and persist in prayer until a breakthrough occurs. The same principles apply to the activities of faith.

In summary, A.S.K is a spiritual tool God gave us to approach different circumstances in our lives to receive what we desire of Him.

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Can you think of someone in scripture who did not just ask but went on to seek what they wanted? ( Luke 5:18-19).

A.S.K is a spiritual formula for meeting our needs. Put it to work. Different circumstances demand different responses from us. Some things in life require us to ask God for them and that will be it. But others will not come by merely asking; we have to seek or knock. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of believers do not move beyond asking. Few take extra steps with God to seek and even fewer dare to knock. Do not watch your life deteriorate while you sit and repeatedly ask God for things you never take further steps to seek or knock.

Thank the Lord for decreeing salvation for us as we call upon His Name in prayer and faith.

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