Emotional healing for broken hearts

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; Because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted… (Isaiah 61:1, KJV)

Jesus was anointed by the Father to heal hearts that have been broken by the affairs of life. The scripture uses the descriptions “broken” or “contrite” hearts in two ways. The first refers to a penitent heart that is broken before God by the sorrow of sin, like David after he committed adultery with Bathsheba. This brokenness is good and precious in God’s sight. 

The second broken hearts are those who have had their hearts smashed by the affairs of life. They are broken, not by the sorrow of godly repentance but by the sorrow of the troubles and adversities of life. I want you to picture a glass in your hands and then let it fall on the floor and watch it break to maybe a hundred pieces. That is a picture of a broken heart. They go through circumstances that leave their lives so shattered that they see no hope of ever putting the pieces of their lives together again. Some are you might be reading this devotional, and your life feels like it has been shattered to a hundred or even a thousand pieces.

There is good news for us. Jesus was specifically anointed by God for those with bleeding hearts. There are problems we get ourselves into, and others we find ourselves trapped in. Whatever the case, Jesus is here. You can treat pain in the bone with a pill. Broken hearts cannot be treated  with pills. You cannot give a man who has ruined his home by alcoholism or pornography a pill to fix the brokenness he feels inside. Broken hearts are not treated with medications. They are treated with words and, specifically, the word of God. Jesus says one thing to us in our brokenness: come. Just come, trust and receive His love, His forgiveness, His grace and watch the word bring wholeness.


What are the two kinds of broken or contrite hearts mentioned in scripture? Can you think of scriptures referring to them?


Many things break us. Sin is the mater breaker. It will always leave us in shambles. Sometimes relational crises, financial problems, family issues, etc. The list continues. However, Jesus, the One Anointed to heal our broken hearts, is here. Do not try to cover that wounded, bleeding heart. Come, trust and obey the Savior and allow His words to penetrate that wound and bring the healing needed.


Ask the Spirit to bring healing to any heart wounds, superficial or deep, including those you might have succeeded to cover in your heart that no one else knows about but which is  still bleeding inside. 

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