Wealth can be acquired and also lost

But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth… (Deuteronomy 8:18 KJV)

Children of this world wiser with money

Welcome to Day 4 of Deshen Daily miniseries on wealth and poverty.  I pray that as I share these truths about money with you from the Word, your minds will be renewed, and you will all be millionaires in your mind before I am done with this series, waiting to put it work!

Material possessions which can be summed up in today’s society as money can be acquired and lost. Deut. 8:18 talks about getting wealth. There are a few privileged ones born into wealth which they did not personally acquire but someone in their family lineage acquired it.

God created the world with riches and wealth. Money is a quantifiable, can be obtained, can vary in amounts and can also be lost. And get this: the acquisition of money is a potential available to ALL human beings and is based on principles that God Himself has set to govern the material world. In fact, Solomon said God made both the rich and poor man (Prov. 22:2), meaning, the difference between them is not in Who made them. That difference is secondary. The rich man has learned how to acquire or maintain material possessions and the poor has not.

Wealth can be obtained. It means you do not have it, you can get it. And Solomon goes further to tell us there are right ways and wrong ways of getting wealth (Jeremiah 17:11).  However, this is God’s Word for you: money can be acquired. He gives us the power to get it. Use that power and get it!


Please ponder and mutter the verse above. Think about what it says in the light of the devotional.


There is such a thing as power or ability to get wealth. There are people who KNOW (have that ability or power) how to get money and others who do not. God has given the ability, and it is our responsibility to work it out. 


Ask the Father to help you put to work the ability to create wealth. 

Following this series on wealth? Join us this Thursday at 7pm Central Time for Deshen Live Bible Study on what the Bible Teaches about Money!


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