The Importance of Spiritual Strength

 Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness (Col. 1:11 KJV)

Spiritual strength showing a group of people smashing a stone

Strength is an inner ability to perform a  task or resist an opposing force. We are more familiar with physical strength. It takes physical strength for you to walk, or even read this devotional. It takes a physical ability, not only of the muscles but every physical structure involved in making it possible for you to see the words you are reading. 

The same is true of mental strength. It is a different dimension of strength, however. It takes mental strength for you to accomplish specific mental tasks. For example, some have trained their minds in the area of mathematics to be able to solve complex mathematical questions mentally. Not everyone has this mental ability. The point is that strength is also present in the mind.

However, there is more to strength than just physical or mental. Just as it takes mental strength to carry out mental activities, it takes spiritual strength to carry out spiritual activities. Do you know that it takes spiritual strength to believe or walk in faith? It takes spiritual strength to love, to be anxious for nothing, to rejoice always, etc. Spiritual strength is a practical reality in our every day Christian walk. There is a reason why some Christians are called “weak.” It is because they do not have the spiritual strength to do spiritual things.

The Lord wants to strengthen you spiritually by the power of the Holy Spirit. Until we are strengthened, Christianity will be an endless journey of frustration and struggle. Let the Spirit strengthen you with all might.


Who strengthens us in our spirit? ( Eph. 3:16). How does He do this? ( Ps. 104:15, Job 16:4, Acts 20:32).


Are you spiritually weak?  Do you realize that you cannot live the Christian life without spiritual strength to do so? Building up strength is a personal responsibility. Until you engage in it, the  Spirit will not do it by Himself. Do not remain spiritually weak. Grow up and be strong!


Pray earnestly and ask the Spirit to help you build spiritual strength to be able to live victoriously every single day. 

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